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Qian Wei should include lived well on her course to document herself in her occupation at twenty-eight years elder, Nevertheless, performing as a paralegal for Lu Xun bears so far demonstrated to be anything but awesome. Harboring a resentment that dates back to their daylights as investigators, Lu Xun has constructed infallible Qian Wei’s life is nobody suddenly of a breathing nightmare. But when Qian Wei evolves the target of a miserable misfortune, everything switches. Currently, in a coma, Qian Wei discovers herself in an imaginary planet in which she maintains retrogressed to her teenage self. It’s here, on the earth within a planet, that she faces a very distinguishable Lu Xun. Encountering him on this invention planet, Qian Wei discloses a completely additional flank of her selective manager. Spending her days hovering between objectives and validity, Qian Wei forms to comprehend there’s additionally to Lu Xun than completes the eye. At the duplicate time, he starts to discover that the same harbors for her. In the distance between objectives and validity, Qian Wei and Lu Xun begin to discover their sensations for separately different have brought a powerful turn.

legal romance Drama Television series

Major Cast Genre
Z. Tao, Song Zu Er Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

legal romance Drama Cast, Story, Trailer & More

Language Chinese, English
Release Date Mar 10, 2022 – Apr 8, 2022
Episodes 33
Written By Ye Fei Ran
Production Youhug Media
Producers Alina Zhang
Director Xue Ling

legal romance Opening

Countryside China
Channel Representation Tencent Video
Opening Date Mar 10, 2022 – Apr 8, 2022
Show Timings 20:00 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Functioning Period 45 Min

legal romance Drama Actors/ Actress Real Name

Real Name Role Name
Z. Tao Lu Xun
Song Zu Er Qian Wei
Tan Kai Lu Xun’s father
Li Bai Hui Liu Shi Yun [Qian Wei’s best friend]
Zhong Li Li Mo Zi Xin [Qian Wei’s roommate / Lu Xun’s childhood friend]
Hong Jian Tao Qian Yan Ping [Qian Wei’s dad]
Yan An Qian Chuan [Qian Wei’s brother]
Tao Hui Min Lu Zheng Tong [Qian Wei’s mom]
Garvey Jin Li Chong Wen [Qian Wei’s ex-boyfriend]

More Actress & Actor Real Name

Real Name Role Name
Ni Jing Yang Lu Xun’s mother
Chang Hai Bo Teacher Zhen
Li Yi Yu Tian
Sun Lu Hang Sun Lu Hang
Zhang Hai Yan Aunt Ma
Li Ruo Ning Sheng Kai
Sun Le Tian Old Tao
Jin Feng Lan He

More Actress & Actor Real Name

Real Name Role Name
Wu Yi Tong Moral education teacher
Su Xin Mother Liu
Wang Zi Teng Mo Tao
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Don’t Fall In Love With The Boss, Time Sends Your Love to Me, Begin Again, Cai Bu Yao He Lao Ban Tan Lian Ai, 才不要和老板談戀愛 钱薇应该包括在她的课程中生活得很好,以记录自己在二十八岁时的职业,然而,到目前为止,作为鲁迅熊的律师助理表现得并不出色。鲁迅怀揣着从他们作为调查员时代就开始的怨恨,将无懈可击的钱维的生活构筑成没有人会突然变成一场呼吸的噩梦。但当钱薇进化出一个悲惨的不幸目标时,一切都变了。目前,处于昏迷状态的钱薇发现自己身处一个想象中的星球,在这个星球上,她一直在倒退到十几岁的自己。在这里,在一个星球中的地球上,她面对着一个非常有特色的鲁迅。在这个发明星球上与他相遇,钱薇透露了她的选择性经理的另一面。在目标和有效性之间徘徊的日子里,钱薇形成了对鲁迅的理解,而不是完整的眼睛。在重复的时间,他开始发现对她来说同样的港湾。在目标与有效性之间的距离上,钱维和鲁迅开始发现他们各自的感受不同带来了强大的转机。

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