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This Drama Real name is Liang Yan Xie Yi and in English title is lie to love. This Chinese Drama was produced by a novel. Li Ze Liang, the cheerful and lighthearted heir to a federation, fulfills the bright and frothy Su Xie Yi.

Lie to love Drama Television series

Major Cast Genre
Xu Zheng, Maggie Cheung Ho yee, Huang Yi, Tse Kwan ho, Wu Hsing kuo 徐峥、张曼玉、黄奕、谢君豪、吴兴国 Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Drama 悬疑、喜剧、爱情、剧情

lie to love Drama Cast, Story, Trailer & More

Language English
Release Date Nov 30, 2021 – Dec 27, 2021
Screenwriter Hu Xiao Shuai, Yan Nei (言内)
Written By Liang Yan Xie Yi (良言写意) by Mu Fu Sheng
Production Tencent Penguin Pictures, GH Entertainment & Media
Producers Fang Fang, Wang Jing Jing (王晶晶), Zhang Meng, Jiang Wei Qin (江伟钦), Hao Guang Yun (郝广云), Tong Xiu Yuan (董修远)
Director Chen Chang

lie to love Opening

Countryside China
Channel Representation iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku
Episodes 32
Show Timings 8;00 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Functioning Period 45 min
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They are mopped into a spirited romance to spend the most memorable junctures of their dynamism concurrently. With so numerous quagmires, are they preordained to be jointly or are they predestined to part? A surprising outcome has left the life that Su Xie Yi has arrived to know in the muddle and has destroyed her household. All clues indicate to her lover Li Ze Liang as the troublemaker. To examine the truth, Su Xieyi dissembles to have amnesia to produce to Li Ze Liang’s arms. In the complicated game of love, she strolls every step carefully while Li Ze Liang hits rock base. As the reality is displayed little by undersized, Su Xie Yi is surprised to learn that she has wrongfully accused Li Ze Liang all this time and tries desperately to preserve their association. 这部剧的真名是梁艳谢一,英文名是lie to love。这部中国戏剧是由一部小说制作的。开朗活泼的联邦继承人李泽亮,配得上明媚的苏邪衣。他们被拖入一段充满活力的浪漫,同时度过他们活力中最难忘的时刻。这么多的泥潭,是注定要在一起还是注定要分开?出人意料的结局,让苏谢衣来的生活一团糟,家破人亡。所有的线索都表明她的爱人李泽亮是麻烦制造者。为查明真相,苏谢伊假装到李泽良怀中产生了失忆症。在复杂的爱情游戏中,她小心翼翼地走着每一步,而李泽亮则击中了基石。现实一点一点的暴露,苏谢衣惊讶地发现自己一直冤枉李泽良,拼命维系他们的关系。

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